Women’s Union

   The Union is a dream, by adding width to our renowned Lyric shape we created a ski with even more balance and control. Made with a lighter weight carbon than our Men’s Union so it has the ability to initiate turns with ease and keep the carves going all the way down the lake.

   The Union follows suit to our design methods by being four tenths of an inch wider than a Vapor. This extra width gives skiers the chance to feel ultimate balance while learning to ski at a higher level. We challenge you to find a ski that is more fun to ride in open water. 


  • All-Terrain Core – Most forgiving construction. 


  • 100% Carbon Fiber - Consistent flex every time.


  • NFC Enabled - Information delivered simply.


Terrain – Crossover


Recommended Speed Range – 24-32 MPH / 40-52 KPH


Sizes – 




Recommended Weight Range –

65” – Up to 160 lbs / Up to 73 kg

67” – 130 – 190 lbs / 59 – 86 kg


2021 Radar Union Women's